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Web Hosting Features: The Extras

When you are looking into a web hosting company, you should look into what they can give you and these are in form of the features. These features are unique per company and you should closely look into what the packages have, so you can make a better decision. The three most important things are uptime, bandwidth and storage. These make things easier for the webmaster but these are not the only these that will define the kind of experience they will have online. There are extra features to web hosting that will make a big difference, and when you shop for a web host, these are the features you have to look into:

Site customization tool: While you may not think that it is important for you to have access and control, you should know that it is going to be important because having control means being in charge and allowing yourself enough freedom to make things on your own.

Free domain name: A domain name is your address and it is your name. It is the name that your visitors will remember you for and you should be willing to have one because it makes things official and reputable. A company can give this for free, as part of your package and that will do so much help.

Free email addresses: Another great thing you can enjoy is a set of free email addresses that you can personalize as your own. A customized email address is going to look good because you are not using a generic one but something that is dedicated only, to you.

SSL certificate: If you are going to utilize this website as an ecommerce site or something else that will demand heavy security, you will need an SSL certificate that will secure information and keep everything safe, for your sake and for the sake of your sites visitors.

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