Brighten Up Your Day With Inspiring Words Of Wisdo...

Lets be really frank. The world of 2013 is a mess… I need to be inspired!


The economy is in the dumps, senseless wars are tearing nations apart, the Middle East is in turmoil, violent religious clashes are common place, and much of the human race is literally starving. The politicians never seem to listen to our complaints and the government intrudes into every aspect of our lives; even telling us what we can eat and what size soda we can drink. We are being hounded from the cradle to the grave and there is no end in sight to the problems that oppress and confuse much of humanity.

So how does one maintain their sanity and get through each and every day without falling into a deep depression or completely giving up and jumping off the nearest bridge. While some people may see psychiatrists or take anti-depressants, I have managed to find a solution that is cheaper, easier on the body, educational, and a great deal of fun. Every day when I wake up, I log on to the Internet and read a selection of inspiring quotes from my favorite historical figures.


One day, I may choose the quotes of an ancient Greek philosopher. On another day, I may read words of wisdom from a great leader who overcame all the odds to triumph over adversity. I might decide to go for a more romantic tone and read a selection of inspiring love quotes by the great poets of the Victorian era. I have the wisdom of the ages at my fingertips and every day is a new adventure.

When I have extra time, I may read a quote from a famous individual then research their life in detail.

This allows me to add to my knowledge and delve into the lives of many of history’s greatest figures. After an hour or two of reading, I manage to forget my troubles, gain inspiration and stimulate my mind. A small amount of effort saves me the trouble of finding a boring, expensive doctor to listen to my complaints and I learn all sorts of useful information that I can share with my family and friends.

The next time you are bored or feeling down, instead of letting your troubles take control of your life, try my solution and read some quotes by a popular historical figure. You may open the door to a whole new world of knowledge and inspiration.

Life is a voyage of self discovery. Remember the words of Henry Rollins, a popular American musician, writer, actor, and political activist, who said, “I believe that one defines oneself by reinvention. To not be like your parents. To not be like your friends. To be yourself. To cut yourself out of stone.” May your journey be one of joy and enlightenment.