Plastic Wood The Real Alternative to Wood

Plastic wood has enjoyed a real growth in the market over the years as more and more people realise its true potential. Plastic wood is made from 100% recycled material and is formed into lumber with which to build. There are different types of plastic lumber available depending on the application required.

Plastic lumber is perfect for building decked areas, outdoor spaces, planters, pergodas and bedding areas. It will long outlast wood and requires no preservatives or paints to maintain it which is great news for saving time and money and it also means that harmful substances cannot leak into the earth or waterways.

Plastic wood has superb weatherproofing abilities and will not absorb water or liquids. This means that it will never rot and is not susceptible to algae, mildew or mold. It can be cut using standard woodworking tools just as you would with real timber so this means you can build, cut, saw, mitre and drill it as you wish on your construction project.

Such is the success of plastic wood that many councils throughout the UK have invested in it to build ramps, signage, planters, plastic boardwalks and picnic benches to name just a few of the many uses. One of the most high profile uses has been at Alton Towers.