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Advantages of Silicone Rubber

Silicone rubber compounds display a unique set of properties and characteristics. These unique properties are not found in other types of rubbers and therefore silicone rubber and silicone extrusions play a very important part in a range of industries including electrical, automotive, aerospace, medical, household, leisure and rail and mass transport to name just a selection.

Silicone and silicone extrusions are uniquely different from conventional rubber. The unique properties of silicone makes it resistant to extremes of temperature, offers good insulation properties, resistant to fire and also to attack from petrol, chemicals and solvents. For these reasons and more silicone has become one of the worlds most popular materials

Characteristics of Silicone and silicone extrusions:
- Heat resistance: Silicone extrusions are extremely heat resistant when compared to their organic rubber counterparts.
- Cold resistance: The point at which organic rubbers become brittle is placed around -20degC to -30degC. Silicone however can drop as low as -70degC before it becomes brittle.
- Weather resistance: Normal rubber will deteriorate rapidly under UV rays where as silicone remains almost unaffected
- Chemical resistance: Silicone rubbers have an excellent resistance to oils, solvents and chemicals even at high temperatures. Above 100deg C they offer superior resistance when compared directly with organic rubbers.

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